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Chemical Engineering

Petrochemical Plant

Chemical engineering is a field that is rapidly meeting new challenges in biotechnology, electronics, materials, nanotechnology, biomedical engineering, materials discovery and development, and energy.  Chemical engineers transform matter to develop more useful materials; nylon, aspirin, teflon, and plexiglass are just a few examples of chemically engineered materials that transformed our society.

At the Grove School of Engineering, outstanding chemical engineering faculty conduct funded research in nine different areas, ranging from the design of nanostructured self-assembling proteins to the development of clean fuels, and City College students have the chance to work in these labs.

City’s chemical engineering students pursue Bachelor of Engineering, Masters of Science, and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering, in order to prepare for careers in research and development, product discovery and development, plant design and operation and sales and customer support, as well as management.  Our graduates also go on to medicine, biomedical engineering, law, government and environmental protection.