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Chemical Engineering

Required Courses for the M.E. Degree in Chemical Engineering (31 Credits Total)

All of the following Core Courses (Course Descriptions):
ChE I0000: Seminar (1 credit)
ENGR I1100: Introduction to Engineering Analysis (3 credits)
ChE I2800: Advanced Chemical Thermodynamics (3 credits)
ChE I3300: Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (3 credits)
10 Credits Total

At least two of the following Core Courses:
ChE I9100 or ENGR I9100: Mass Transfer (3 credits)
ENGR I0800: Foundations of Fluid Mechanics (3 credits)
ME I3700: Convection Heat Transfer (3 credits)
6 or 9 credits

One of the following Research options (see Note below):

ChE I9700: 0-credit Research Project
ChE I9800: 3-credit Master's Project
ChE I9900: 6-credit Master's Thesis
0, 3 or 6 credits

The balance of your 31 credits will consist of Graduate-level electives in Chemical Engineering or a related discipline, as recommended by your Academic Advisor or Research Advisor.  Elective course offerings vary from year to year.  Please consult the Course Bulletin to see descriptions of courses offered in recent years.

Note about the Research Requirement – All Master’s students are required to meet with members of the Chemical Engineering Department’s faculty to identify an appropriate research project.  Your research project advisor will then also become your Academic Advisor, and suggest elective courses you should take related to your research project.  The three different research options listed above allow students the choice of either focusing on intensive research or pursuing extra course work.