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Chemical Engineering

Study of the Granulation and Caking of Powders

Professor Tardos

This is a research laboratory dedicated exclusively to the study of flow, aggregation, granulation and caking of powders. It is equipped with several granulators starting from small size (one Liter) to a large 10 Liter Eirich, several small and large fluidized beds that can be operated at low and high temperature and rotating drums used for mixing and granulation. It has two unique pieces of instrumentation, the Couette powder flow and granulating device and the ultra-high fluidized bed (operated at up to1600 0C.). The laboratory is partially integrated into the characterization laboratory (please see above) so that powders and agglomerates produced during granulation can be characterized directly. The laboratory also contains the powder dilatometer developed to study powder caking and several data acquisition and computer systems for modeling of agglomeration and powder flow.