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Program Director:

Prof. Kevin Ryan

Degree Requirements

Biochemistry students earn their M.S. degree after completing a total of 30 credits. Several of the Biochemistry courses are held at the CUNY Graduate School.

Comprehensive Examination
A comprehensive examination is required of all students except those who have completed a thesis.

Thesis Those who choose to do the thesis must have a mentor and 2 additional faculty members serve on their thesis committee. The research topic must be apprved by the Graduate Committee.

Thesis Research is offered as Chem B9901-B9905, 10 credits. Students choosing to do a thesis will take 10 credits of elective courses in Chemistry and 10 credits of B9901-B9905.

Required Courses

Chem A8005: Biochemistry II

BICM 71010: Advanced Biochemistry I

BICM 71020: Advanced Biochemistry II

BICM 71110 Research Techniques in Biochemistry

Two of the following four:

BICM 72010 Basic Seminar in Biochemistry I

BICM 72020 Basic Seminar in Biochemistry II

BICM 81000 Seminar in Biochemistry (1cr.)

Chem B9800 Seminar in Biochemistry (1cr.)

One of the following two:

Chem B5000 Organic Mechanisms

BICM 75000 Bioorganic Chemistry

One of the following two:

BICM 77000 Physical Biochemistry

Phys V3800 Biophysics

Elective Courses

Two approved graduate courses in Biology (one course should
be in molecular genetics)

BICM courses are offered through the Biochemistry Program of the Graduate School of the City University of New York.