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Chemistry Department Seminars

Spring 2013
Mondays and Wednesdays
12:00 noon - 1:00pm, MR 1027

Salzberg Chemistry Seminars are held on Mondays; Biochemistry Seminars are held on Wednesdays.

Jan. 30
David Jeruzalmi
A unique mechanism for a DNA damage sensor

Feb. 4
Dalimil Dvorak
Inst. of Chemical Tech, Prague, Czech Republic
7,8-Dihydropurines for the Synthesis of New Purine Derivatives

Feb. 6
James Prestegard
U, Georgia
An NMR view of glycoprotein glycan structure and function

Feb. 11
Seth Herzon
Target-Driven Total Synthesis

Feb. 13
Anne-Francis Miller
U, Kentucky
How do proteins control electrons? PROTONS

Feb. 20
Barbara Zajc
Novel Approaches to Fluoroorganics via Electrophilic Fluorination Chemistry

Feb. 25
Ilona Kretszchmar
CCNY, Dept of Chem Eng
Patchy Particles - Why does asymmetry matter?

Feb. 27
Bil Clemens
Biosynthesis of hydrophobic-tail proteins from structural biology

Mar. 4
Judy Zhang
Temple Univ.
Emerging Contaminants: Oxidation in Binary Metal oxide Mixtures and Removal of Polymeric Sorbents

Mar. 6
Mary Roberts
Boston College
New insights into protein/phospholipid binding

Mar. 11
Steven Bernasek
Princeton Univ
Interfacial Chemistry for Energy and the Environment

Mar. 18
Alisa Park
Columbia U.
Towards Sustainable Energy: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Mar. 20
Huey Huang
Rice Univ.
Protein-induced structural changes in lipid bilayers

Mar. 25 - Apr. 2

Apr. 3
Ariel Warshel
Progress in Modeling of Biological Functions

Apr. 8

Apr. 10
T. Kwaku Dayie
U, Maryland
Riboswitch TNA on-off signaling: a view from NMR & SAX

Apr. 15
Kripa K. Varasini
LiquiGlide ultra-slippery coating

Apr. 17
Dongping Zhong
Ohio State U.
Soothing the burn: repairing some damaged DNA with enzymes

Apr. 22
Steve G. Greenbaum
Multinuclear Solid State NMR Studies of Lithium Batter Materials

Apr. 24
Victoria D'Souza
Unraveling retroviral genome: one segment at a time

Apr. 29
Stan Whittingham
SUNY Binghamton & Stony Brook
Energy Storage and the Electric Century: Beyond Li-Ion Batteries-Materials Limitations

May 1
Brian Bachmann
Discovering new biosyntheses

May 6
Tanaji Talele
St. Johns Univ.
Novel Dihydrobenzofuran-Based Poly(ADP-ribose)Polymerase-1 Inhibitors

May 8
Greg Voth
U, Chicago
Proton transport in proteins: surprises from computer simulation

May 13

May 15
Student Seminars