City College will close today, January 26, 2015, at 3 p.m. due to inclement weather. Only essential personnel are expected to report to or remain at work for regular business hours. The college is closed Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Only essential personnel report to work.

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CUNY Institute for Urban Systems


CIUS seeks to help cities adapt to their changing infrastructure needs through research, education, policy advisement, and advancement of the state of professional practice. CIUS aims to bring together leading scholars and practitioners to help catalyze innovation at public agencies in the planning and management of urban infrastructure systems. CIUS promotes interdisciplinary and inter-campus collaboration across the entire CUNY system on infrastructure education and research to address environmental, economic, and technological challenges. It also aims to serve public agencies by leveraging CUNY’s unique array of research and technology transfer capabilities.

Research at CIUS examines current investment in infrastructure and how it is affected by emerging technologies, institutional change and innovative financing.  It focuses on five main areas:  regional dynamics; energy and green buildings; transportation systems; economics and finance; and natural systems.

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