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Communications and Marketing

Getting Started

Process for CCNY Website Creation in the CommonSpot Content Management System.

  1. Request a meeting with staff from the web division of the Office of Communications and Marketing
    This meeting will allow staff to determine if a new website is necessary or if the proposed content can be placed as a component of pre-existing website.

  2. Create home page content
    If a request for a new website is approved, begin by assembling your home page content in the body of a Microsoft Word document.  This document should not contain any design direction and should only be composed of text. Initial home page content can be several paragraphs in length.

  3. Submit home page content to Communications and Marketing
    The Office of Communications and Marketing will review your content packet and inlay it into a new home page for your department/office.

  4. Slider creation
    The Office of Communications and Marketing will work with you to create an initial image for the slider on the home page of your website.  Clients are welcome to provide feedback about what type of image should be used for the slider and content areas of the website.  The Office of Communications and Marketing retains the final decision on images used for the slider and content build-out.

  5. Publishing
    Before a link to a newly created home page is established in the main information architecture of the CCNY website, you will be able to review your website. 

  6. Training
    After  the initial content build-out, please designate up to two (2) representatives from your office as a content editors. These individuals will be given access to a full video training curriculum as well as a print user guide detailing use of CommonSpot, the college Content Management System (CMS).  After your content editors have completed training they can proceed to build-out the rest of the website.

For assistance with CCNY website creation in the CommonSpot content management system, please contact:

Jessica Gentile
Web Content Assistant
Shepard Hall, Room 109 A-D