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Communications and Marketing

Web Procedures


The Office of Communications and Marketing, the publisher of City College’s official public website, has established web procedures that are designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Create a website that reflects the dynamism, breadth and excitement of The City College of New York, and features an integrated and consistent user experience among our many stakeholders;
  • Create a predictable and replicable content management experience for our content editors at all levels of computer experience;
  • Create a workflow that will allow the Office of Communications and Marketing to optimize its model of user support and achieve consistent and positive support outcomes with limited staffing.


  1. The establishment of websites within the Content Management System (CMS) is overseen by the Office of Communications and Marketing.
  2. Web content will be placed in the set of standard CCNY templates.
  3. The design of standard CCNY web templates is locked and is not editable by departments.
  4. Content submissions for web publication to the Office of Communications and Marketing shall be delivered electronically.
  5. The Office of Communications and Marketing welcomes a discussion with schools, divisions, departments and offices about ways to promote their content; however, content submissions shall not contain design direction or mock-ups.
  6. Departments shall designate up to two (2) individuals as content editor for their website.
  7. Each content editor must watch the video training curriculum before editing their site.
  8. The Office of Communications and Marketing must be notified when a department intends to allow a new individual to access the CMS.
  9. Sharing of CMS user accounts is prohibited.
  10. Access to administrative (backend) areas of the website by content editors is not supported.
  11. Departments must abide by the best practices established in the training session, specifically:
    1. advice regarding copying and pasting text into the text editor
    2. keeping the text editor clear of imported HTML and other code
    3. using the elements to inlay content—not design
    4. adhering to proper and consistent style when writing for the web and creating links
  12. Departments have control over what written content appears on their websites.
  13. The Office of Communications and Marketing reserves the right to reject the use of certain images in the CMS.
  14. The Office of Communications and Marketing, on behalf of the College, reserves the right to edit or remove content where deemed necessary.
  15. All departments are required to have, at a minimum, a landing page in the standard CCNY template contained within the CMS.
  16. All academic departments and programs must have a base-level presence in the CMS that includes:
    1. academic program information
    2. faculty profiles (pulling from the faculty profile database)
  17. Departments that wish to establish websites using custom web designs must seek approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing.
    1. These websites will live outside the CMS.
    2. Departments must have the ability to design, create and support such websites independently of the Office of Communications and Marketing.
    3. Each proposal will be examined on a case-by-case basis.