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Computer Engineering Program

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For all the details on admission requirements and procedures, please visit the Grove School of Engineering's Undergraduate Admission page, and the CCNY Office of Admissions website.


The courses that make up the major portion of the Computer Engineering curriculum are offered by the Electrical Engineering Department and the Computer Science Department.  Descriptions may be found in the Undegraduate Bulletin, or by clicking on course names in the CUNY schedule of classes.


Advising for Summer 2015 starts on March 11th.  You do not need to see an advisor first.

Registration for Fall 2015 will start some time in April, seniors first.  Advising is required for all students before they can register.  Click for details., which will be updated as they become available.

Course and curriculum changes

Spring 2012 brought a new Cp.E. curriculum with some changes.  As of November 2014, there have been no further changes.  The 2013–2014 curriculum is here.  It is more up-to-date than the course descriptions at the online CUNY class schedule.

  • C.Sc. and E.E. elective options are now more flexible, and absorb the Engineering Science elective.  Details.

  • The new course CSc 103 (Intro for CSc & CpE Majors) is now required instead of CSc 102, for students who haven't taken it yet.

  • CSc 104 (Discrete Math) and 332 (Operating Systems) are now 4 credits, and have additional time and material.

  • EE 205 (Linear Systems 1) now has Engr 103 as a prerequisite, not a pre/corequisite.

  • EE 312 (Communication Theory) now requires EE 205.

  • Because EE 598.66 (EE Senior Design 1) has prerequisites which Cp.E. majors don't satisfy, they should take EE 598.68 instead (EE Senior Design 1 for CpE), which still requires EE 322 (Lab 2) and pre/corequisite EE 425 (CpE Lab).  As always, CSc 598.66 (CSc Senior Project 1) is the other option.

Online class schedules might not list these changes yet!  But you must follow new pre- and corequisites, not the old ones.  It is your responsibility to ensure this, not ours.  You will be removed from courses in which you don't, even if the registration system lets you violate them.

You may earn the degree using the set of courses (not prerequisites) required by any older curriculum, as long as you have been attending every Spring and Fall in the major (not necessarily full-time) since then.


Research & projects for students

Find out what your professors do, and talk to them about work you can do for them, or independent study or a project in which they can supervise you.  Also, check the list maintained by the Office of Student Research and Scholarship (OSRS).

Scholarship aid, research fellowships & awards

Information can be found at OSRS and Admissions.