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Indicators of alcohol abuse:

♦    Regular alcohol use that negatively impacts the student's obligations at school, work, or home through absences, poor performance, suspensions, neglect of responsibilities, etc.
♦    Frequent use of alcohol in unsafe situations, such as driving a car
♦    Experiencing  alcohol-related legal problems, such as being arrested for alcohol-related conduct
♦    Continuing to use alcohol in spite of realizing that the use leads to significant and lasting problems

Indicators of alcohol dependence:

♦    Having to consume larger quantities of alcohol to experience the desired effect
♦    Not experiencing the desired effects of alcohol when consuming the same quantity of alcohol as before
♦    Experiencing distress  - anxiety, restlessness, trouble sleeping - in the absence of alcohol use
♦    Not being able to control alcohol use and drinking more or for a longer time than initially intended
♦    Unsuccessfully trying to cut down or control drinking
♦    Spending much time in activities necessary to obtain alcohol, use it, and recover from its effects
♦    Choosing to spend time using alcohol at the expense of other activities (playing sports, spending time with family, exploring hobbies)
♦    Continuing to use alcohol when aware of its persistent negative consequences