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Counseling Center

Individual and Group Counseling

International Students Support Group

International Students Support

Concerns, choices and problems are a part of everyday life.  Many times we can deal with our personal issues with the help of family or friends, but sometimes we need someone else to talk to. At CCNY, we have a Counseling Center with professional counselors who provide a safe and private space to help our students sort out whatever they are going through.  We are interested in listening to your concerns and helping you achieve your goals. Students generally are able to see counselors for up to eight (8) sessions with facilitated referrals to appropriate counseling and resources in the community as needed.  Whenever appropriate a student could be referred to our psychiatrist for a no cost psychiatric evaluation.

The Counseling Center can help address:                      

  • Stress,anxiety or panic attacks
  • Feelings of depression, sadness or loneliness.
  • Homesickness and adjusting to a new place, lifestyle, or culture.
  • Transition from high school to college life.
  • Relationship problems with partners, friends, family.    
  • Problems with your college courses or grades.
  • Alcohol or drug use.
  • Sexual identity or orientation issues.
  • Grief from loss of loved ones.

Group Counseling

Group sessions help students deal with typical stressors such as self-confidence, self-esteem, relationships and stress related to employment, college and family issues.  Participating in groups is a great way to connect with other students in a safe and supportive environment. Please call (212) 650-8222 for specific details on group counseling sessions. 

These are the counseling groups offered during Fall 2014 semester:

Stress Management Group

Stop by to learn about stress management and coping strategies for busy lives in college. The Stress Management Group is an open group and no appointment is necessary to attend. The group is open to all CCNY students.

Relationship Group

Get closer with conversations for connection. The Relationship Group is a relationship education group open to all orientations. Singles, couples, and people in all kinds of relationships are welcome. This is an open group and no appointment is necessary to attend. The group is open to all CCNY students.

International Students Support Group

Discover and explore the unique experience, challenges, and needs of international students in order to promote academic success, personal growth, and well-being.

Peer Counseling Program

CCNY offers Peer Counseling as another level of support to help CCNY students address barriers to learning. Peer Counselors (PCs) are carefully-selected and trained undergraduate students with an interest in Psychology or Counseling. They provide several hours per week of peer counseling and campus outreach, and receive weekly supervision by a licensed psychologist.  Their training allows them to utilize supportive counseling and problem-solving techniques for students with issues common to college students, such as relationships, decision making, and stress. Peer Counseling is confidential and free to all CCNY students. "As peer counselors, we are here to listen and explore feelings. Our goal is to help you develop your own solutions to problems…"

How is an appointment made at the Counseling Center?

Students can either call to schedule an intake at telephone number (212) 650-8222 or walk-in to schedule an appointment.   Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.  The Counseling Center is located in the Marshak Science Building, J- 15.  Students are urged to keep their appointments and in the event of a cancellation students should contact the Counseling Center.