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Career & Professional Development Institute

Internship Opportunity

Are You Ready For An Internship?

Successfully transitioning from college into a job after graduation is not just about getting good grades. Most employers want students and graduates who have skills and work experience that they bring to a job. Completing an internship is an integral part of your personal strategy to improve success. Review the following criteria to determine if you are ready for an internship.

  1. I am pursuing a 4-year degree at CCNY
  2. I completed at least 24 credits or will complete 24 credits by the end of the semester and have selected a major
  3. I have researched several career options by doing one of the following:
    • I met with a career advisor at CPDI to discuss different career options that suit my personality and interests
    • I signed up for an Informational Interviewing workshop on College Central and subsequently conducted an informational interview with a professional in my field of interest
    • I have read career-related print or online material
    • I sign up for an Alumni Mentoring Program Information Session on College Central in order to gain valuable information about the world of work in my field of interest from a CCNY alum 
  4. I have done at least one of the following activities: 
    • I have volunteered or done field work at an organization 
    • I have joined at least one CCNY student club
    • I have worked a part time or summer job 
    • I have done community service
  5. I have registered on College Central 
  6. I have signed up for an internship workshop on College Central and subsequently attended the workshop. Upcoming internship workshop dates and times are as follows:

If you answered yes to all 6 criteria, you are ready to begin applying for internships. Here is an abbreviated list of current internship opportunities available to you once you attend the internship workshop. 

Students, to learn about upcoming Internship Recruitment Events, go to this page. There, you will learn about upcoming internship fairs and panels.