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Career & Professional Development Institute

Internship Program Description

Internships are an excellent way for students to gain experience in a new environment, growing personally while they are contributing to the goals of the organization in which they are working.  CPDI recognizes that it can be difficult for a student to secure an internship opportunity through the traditional way of applying online.  In effort to increase the exposure of CCNY students and give them the advantage in securing an internship, CPDI developed an internship program that will advocate for and market the CCNY students to employers in effort to place the CCNY students in valuable internship opportunities.

Student Requirements

Completed Application
Completed 24 credits at start of internship

2.5 GPA
Statement of career direction on file with CPDI

Approved resume on CCNY Career Connections
Complete 4 Online CPDI Workshops
- you will be provided access once your application is processed
Meet with the Internship Manager once you have completed your workshops and your resume has been approved in CCNY Career Connections

Student Benefits – CPDI will be your advocate

  • Increased networking opportunities with employers
  • Resume actively marketed to employers in effort to match you with an internship opportunity
  • Resume referred to employers in effort to match you with an internship opportunity
  • Access to special internship opportunities
  • Letter of recommendation from CPDI
  • Ability to have expenses paid for to travel to conferences and special events in your major
  • Automatic approval into the CPDI Recruitment Program

I want to be a part of the program….Where Do I Start???

  • Start on your career direction statement which will be uploaded to your application.  Here is a SAMPLE.  If you do not have a career direction in mind then schedule an appointment to Meet With A Career Counselor.
  • Sign on to CCNY Career Connections and upload your resume.  We do recommend that you Meet With A Career Counselor to have it critiqued prior to uploading it to CCNY Career Connections.  In addition, here is a link to sample resumes to assist you
  • APPLY to the CPDI Internship Program
  • After we receive your application, you will receive an email that it has been processed and you will receive the information to sign onto the workshops .

I have been approved for the program….Now What???

  • You will start receiving emails from CPDI regarding internship opportunities be sure to reply in a timely manner
  • You will start receiving emails from employers about interviews be sure to reply in a timely manner
  • Apply to internships that you find through your own search.  Be sure to use the letter of recommendation provided.
  • Schedule periodic meetings with internship specialist for any additional assistance.