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If you are like many students faced with academic and career decisions; you are finding it difficult to choose a major or career path, uncertain or confused about your abilities, skills or core work values; or experiencing difficulty in getting started; the Institute’s staff can assist you make sense of the career planning process. Our counseling services will help you define, evaluate, and refine career goals.

The main emphasis of our one-on-one counseling services is to help you plan for your future -- a task that becomes increasingly more difficult and complex with the rapid changes in the economy and the job market.

The career planning process consists of the following activities:

  • Self-awareness: learning about yourself, your interests, abilities,      personality and decision-making style, key work needs, and options
  • Educational      and career exploration and research: learning      about the world of work, researching majors and career options; exploring      campus, community and internship
  • Job search: a proactive job search campaign which includes resume      & cover letter preparation, interviewing, evaluating options by      matching goals & values to job offers.

Our staff is ready to assist you along the way by providing career education and support.


The following links will allow you to take career assessments to help with the career exploration process.  Please call 212-650-5327 to schedule an appointment with Mr. Thompson, the resident Career Counseling Professional.  

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