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Career & Professional Development Institute

Writing Great Resumes!

Resume Preparation and Review

  • Step 1: Attend a PRP Orientation Workshop. Click here to view Calendar. 
  • Step 2: After attending an Orientation Workshop, submit a hard copy of your resume to the Associate Director for review. 
  • Step 3: Pick up your resume after four business days and make appropriate corrections. 

Important Note Regarding Our Resume Review Policy:
If  your hard copy resume has many errors, you will be notified that you are currently ineligible for PRP participation. You will also be informed that you must attend a Resume Writing Workshop as a prerequisite for participation.

After attending a resume writing workshop, you will rewrite and resubmit your resume for review. Click here to view the Career Development Workshop Calendar.

If your resume still presents major problems, you will not be permitted to continue registration procedures and your application for PRP participation will be temporarily placed on hold.

Students demonstrating difficulty with written and /or oral communication are deemed by The Career Center as not ready to successfully initiate a job search

Online Registration and Resume Approval

In Person Registration For The Career Center’s Professional Recruiting Programs

  • Step 5: Once your resume is approved, you must immediately return to The Career Center with five (5) copies of your approved resume to register in person. 

Once you have done so, The Career Center will issue you a Professional Recruiting Programs Participation Form (.pdf file); this completed document and the five copies of your resume will serve as your registration to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program and/or the Resume Referral Program, depending on where you sign the form.

Read the participation form very carefully before signing it in either or both locations. Be sure to provide all information at the top of the form; your resume will not be sent to employers if information on your GPA or work eligibility status (citizenship, etc.) is missing.

If you sign to participate in the Resume Referral Program, and participation is entirely optional, you are thereby authorizing The Career Center to direct your resume, at its discretion, to employers, and for positions it considers to match your qualifications and preferences, as revealed on your resume.

  • Your one-time signature permits The Career Center to refer your resume repeatedly, without requiring your approval each time it does so. 
  • Recent alumni must inform the Career Center of their interest in continuing their participation in PRP services every semester. 
  • Interested employers will generally contact you directly, and arrange for interviews at their locations. You can obtain information on such employers and available positions at The Career Center, but you are always urged to do your own research, over the Internet when possible. 
  • The Participation Form will allow you to specify individuals or employers you'd prefer not to receive your resume (your current employer, for example). 

Again, you must sign in the appropriate space on the Participation Form, or your resume cannot be referred anywhere.