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Division Of Interdisciplinary Studies At The Center For Worker Education

Teacher Certification Examinations

Please note that the New York State Teacher Certification examination requirements will change. If you are graduating in January 2014 or earlier, the new exam requirements will not affect you. You should take the LAST, ATS-W and the required CST's. If you expect to graduate in June 2014 or later, you will need to wait for the new tests to be phased in (Test Development Schedule). The Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) will also change. The current version of the CST will be valid regardless of when you graduate.

Teacher candidates who do not complete all requirements for certification (coursework and exams) by April 30, 2014, will be required to pass the new Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), the Educating All Students Test (EAS), and the Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST)