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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

Repository Facility

 The new archives and library repository, which became operational in 2008 after the construction of a new facility, consists of: a climate-controlled (temperature and humidity) storage area to store archives and library collections; a processing area to process archives and library materials; and a multi-purpose research/reference/gallery and activities area to provide access to the library and archives collections; exhibit archives and library materials; and to conduct lectures, symposia and related activities and events sponsored by the Institute. The multi-purpose area has also been designated as the CUNY DSI Gallery for exhibitions of art by and about people of Dominican descent.

The multi-purpose area includes a state-of-the-art audiovisual system as well as computers, microfilm and photocopying equipment for use by researchers interested in the history of the Dominican population. The repository has been outfitted with the most modern and advanced technological equipment available for the preservation and service of archival materials, and to meet the  programmatic needs of the Archives and the Library.

The construction of the new repository addressed the unique archives and library construction and preservation requirements such as climate control, security, and disaster prevention as well as the selection and procurement of specialized furniture, and archives and library equipment such as shelving, microfilm readers and reader-printers, photocopiers, photographic and audiovisual equipment, computers, scanners, and other digitization equipment needed for the preservation of the historical and research materials and administration and the operation of the repository.