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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

Past Exhibitions


An Exhibit from the Archives and Library Collection of the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

January 1 - April 30, 2011
CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Archives and Library
The City College of New York
North Academic Center, Second Floor
137th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

Dominicans in New York highlights the experiences and contributions of the New York Dominican population. The exhibit uses primary source materials from the archival collections of the Dominican Archives as well as secondary source materials from the Dominican Library, including documents, photographs, and memorabilia to create a visual history of Dominicans as they developed communities that became integral to New York's diverse human landscape. These communities are prime examples of historical currents affecting the major cities of the world in the past 50 years.

The purpose of the exhibit is to introduce the general public, through carefully selected images, to the complexity of the Dominican experience in New York. The images offer glimpses of the community's history, culture, traditions, and population changes.

The exhibit consists of an introductory display of framed panels hung from a ceiling mounted rail system. Each panel contains four to seven scanned photographs and documents in varying sizes.

This is the second showing of Dominicans in New York. Its first showing was October 20, 2008 to January 30, 2009


Manifestaciones:expressions of

    Dominicanidad in Nueva York

October 15 - December 21, 2010
CUNY DSI Gallery
The City College of New York
North Academic Center, Second Floor
137th Street and Amsterdam Avenue

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CUNY DSI Gallery formally opened to art exhibitions on October 15, 2010 with Manifestaciones: Expressions of Dominicanidad in Nueva York, an exhibition of 12 prints by the artists of Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA (DYPG) led by Pepe Coronado. Manifestaciones was conceived and organized by the artists of DYPG: Carlos Almonte, Pepe Coronado, René De Los Santos, iliana emilia garcía, Scherezade García, Alex Guerrero, Luanda Lozano, Miguel Luciano, Yunior Chiqui Mendoza, Reynaldo García Pantaleón, Moses Ros-Suaréz, and Rider Ureña.

Manifestaciones is a portfolio of 12 prints, one each by DYPG member artists, published in a limited edition of 25. Using a variety of printmaking techniques, the pieces explore the individual artist's perspective on the theme of Dominicanidad (Dominican identity). Striking images reveal the continuing influence of the culture of their country or birth or ancestry, expressing itself in their art through iconic Dominican symbols such as the bohio, the plátano, and the palm tree; mythic figures and personages of mythic grandeur; flora and fauna; the politics of U.S. - D.R., and the very landscape of colors and rhythms of a land that never seems that far away from their new urban/suburban experience in New York.

MUJER DOMINICANA EN NY: A Photography Exhibit Honoring Dominican Women IN NY

August 19 - September 30, 2008
The City College of New York, Amsterdam Avenue Plaza
New York, NY

“MUJER,” a groundbreaking photography exhibit by Nicole Sánchez honoring the lives and achievements of Dominican women from all walks of life, was shown at The City College of New York (CCNY) August 19 through September 30, on the campus’ newly refurbished Amsterdam Plaza, an open space between the North Academic Center building and Amsterdam Avenue. Read More..


Exhibition: The Artistry of Dominican Carnival  

“The Artistry of Dominican Carnival,” featured a radiant display of traditional masks and costumes typically used during carnival in different provinces of the Dominican Republic, but created for the Dominican carnival in the United States. The materials, in vibrant tropical colors, were designed by children and young adults who live in Washington Heights. They were supervised by a crew of dedicated individuals from the Juan Pablo Duarte Foundation who are committed to sharing Dominican culture and its customs with the community. The exhibit also featured posters and photos that display the richness of “El Carnaval del Boulevard” celebrated in Washington Heights in July. More