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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

In the News

The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute's experts are highly sought after by media outlets in the United States and the Dominican Republic for commentary about issues of importance to people of Dominican descent and the communities in which they live. The Institute also reaches out to the news media when it releases new studies and publications.

What follows is a selected list of media coverage for CUNY DSI in 2008-13.


City College of New York (United States)
"Great Grads” CUNY DSI Staffer and MA Grad featured in Great Grads.

WABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News  (United States)
"Contribute to the Dominican Heritage Exhibit” A feature piece done on the collaboration between the Smithsonian and CUNY DSI.

Hoy digital (United States)
" Fundadora de una biblioteca única”  Chief Librarian Sarah Aponte for the Dominican newspaper Hoy about her experience as founder of the CUNY DSI Library.

NBC Latino (United States)
“Décima, a 500-year-old tradition for wooing a woman in the Caribbean”
The Manhattan Times News  (New York)
"Decoding Encadenada Descifrando Encadenada” The Manhattan Times did a piece featuring the CUNY DSI Spanish Paleography Tool

The City University of New York News Wire
“American On His Own” A feature piece in the CUNY Salute to Scholars Series on Juan Rodriguez and CUNY DSI.


The New York Times (United States)                                                                                                      
"Honoring a Very Early New Yorker"

Noticias Univisión (United States)     
"Una calle de Nueva York recordará a su primer latino, llegado en 1613"                                                      

Listín Diario (Dominican Republic)            
"Una calle de Nueva York llevará nombre de dominicano; primer latino llegado en 1613"                      

Diario Libre (Dominican Republic)    
"Nueva York rinde tributo a Juan Rodríguez, primer inmigrante en la ciudad"

10/2/2012 (Dominican Republic)  
"Nueva York rinde tributo al dominicano Juan Rodríguez, primer inmigrante"

Noticias 24 (Venezuela)     
"Una calle de Nueva York será rebautizada como 'Juan Rodríguez' en honor a su primer latino"           

La Tribuna (Honduras)   
"El alcalde de Nueva York, Michael Bloomberg, firma un proyecto de ley para bautizar una calle de la ciudad Juan Rodríguez"

Agencia ABC (Spain)
"Una calle de Nueva York recordará a su primer latino, llegado en 1613"

TN (Argentina)
"Juan Rodríguez, el inmigrante latino que dará su nombre a una calle de Nueva York "

FOX News (United States) 
"The First Non-Indian New Yorker, a Dominican, to be Honored by City"
El Diario/La Prensa (New York)
"Dominicano el primer inmigrante que llegó a la Ciudad de NY"

Noticias Telemundo 52 (Los Angeles) 
"NY honra su primer inmigrante"

El Molino Online (New York)
“Juan Rodriguez será el nuevo nombre de Broadway en el Alto Manhattan honrando el primer hispano llegado en 1613” hispano-llegado-en-1613/los-%C3%BAnicos-en-espa%C3%B1ol/

Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela)
“New York Pays Tribute to pioneering Dominican Immigrant”

El Día (Dominican Republic) 
“El primer inmigrante de Nueva York era dominicano”

The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education (United States)
"CUNY DSI Monograph Documents Dominican Heritage of First Settler"

J's Theater (United States)
“Juan Rodrigez , NY’s Immigrant”          rodriguez-nys-first-immigrant.html


February 6, 2011
WABC-TV, Tiempo:   "Daily Life Survey of Dominicans in Manhattan and The Bronx: Interview with Dr. Ramona Hernandez"   

January 28, 2011
Hoy Digital:   "Comunidad dominicana crece en EE.UU"


January 27, 2010   "Destaca logros dominicanos en los Estados Unidos"    

January 23, 2010
DBSMEDIA.NET/Contacto:   "Entrevista con la Dra. Ramona Hernandez"    

December 13, 2010
News 12 Bronx En Espanol:   "New Study on Dominicans in the Bronx and Manhattan"    

December 7, 2010
NY1 Noticias:   "Encuesta: Dominicanos emigrados no abandonan costumbres quisqueyanas"    

December 6, 2010
NY1 News:   "Most Dominican NYers Embrace Roots, Survey Finds"    

December 1 2010
CUNY Radio (podcast):   "New Dominican Gallery Opens"    

November 17, 2010

Hoy Digital (Sto Dmgo):   "La diáspora dominicana en los Estados Unidos"    


October 28, 2010
EFE (Spain News Wire):   "Estudio revela que miles dominicanos llegaron a NY a través de Ellis Island"   

October 19, 2010
Uptowner Newspaper:   "Dominican Artists Find a Place of their Own"    

October 11, 2010   "CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Inaugurates Art Gallery"    

October 2010
Latin Trends Magazine:   "CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Inaugurates Art Gallery"    

October 2010   "Dominican Art Gallery Opens"    

October 12, 2010
Hispanic Outlook:   "Domincan Art Gallery Opens"    

October 14, 2010   "Art Exhibit Celebrates the Lives of Dominican People Living in NYC"    

September 30 2010
Propuestas:   "Entrevista con la Dra. Ramona Hernandez"    

September 23, 2010   "NY judges, lawyers get Dominican Week in the US's kudos(Update)"    

September 19, 2010
El Diario/ La Prensa:   "Ellis Island: Puerta de oro para hispanos"    

September 18, 2010
El Nuevo Diario:   "El Instituto de Estudios Dominicanos de CUNY recibe donación"    

September 10, 2010
Historic District Council:   "Nueva York Opens at The Gotham Center"    

August 28, 2010   "Relevan importancia de archivo dominicano en NY"    

August 13-15, 2010
amNewYork:   "Their Ellis Island Roots"  

June 30, 2010
El Diario/ La Prensa:   "Revelan habitos financieros de dominicanos"   

June 29, 2010
Diario Libre:   "Dominicanos superan otros latinos en EE.UU. con hábitos de ahorros bancarios"   

May 4, 2010
WNYC, 93.9FM/The Brian Lehrer Show:   "Dr. Ramona Hernandez on The Brian Lehrer Show"


19 August 2008
UptownFlavor: "Mujer Dominicana en NY"

21 agosto 2008
Prensa Asociada: "Exposición resalta a la mujer dominicana en NY"