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CUNY Dominican Studies Institute

Past Events

May 17, 2011:   An Evening with Ada Balcácer, Renowned Dominican Artist

11/18-19/10:Two-day Meeting of the "Reflecting on the Spanish Caribbean" Working Group

This meeting of the "Reflecting on the Spanish Caribbean" Working Group of the Inter-University Program on Latino Research (IUPLR) was led by Dr. Ramona Hernández of CUNY DSI. This extraordinary gathering of renowned scholars from various disciplines, but all with an interest in Latino, Latin American, and Caribbean Studies met at CCNY under the auspices of CUNY DSI and the support of CCNY's Dean of Social Sciences, Dr. Marilyn Hoskin. The "Reflecting on the Spanish Caribbean" Working Group seeks to establish the study of the peoples of Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic as an acknowledged and well funded field of study in U.S. academia.  In this latest meeting of the Working Group, members planned the first international conference on the Spanish Caribbean to take place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in July 2011, hosted by Instituto Global de Alto Estudios en Ciencias Sociales, our international Working Group partner.


11/6/10:  The Role of Science in the Economic Development of the Dominican Republic (A Community Discussion about Four Scientific Projects in the Dominican Republic)

This event, co-sponsored by The Grove School of Engineering and theGlobal Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD), brought scientists Dr. Jorge González from NOAA-CREST,  Dr. Margaret Winslow from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Science at CCNY, Dr. Yolanda León from Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), and Carl Allen,  doctoral candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School Center for International Development, to the City College of New York to talk about their scientific research in the Dominican Republic. This discussion was the first of a series of panel presentations designed to bridge the gap that exists between the scientific community and the ordinary citizen, particularly people of Dominican descent who, because of educational and language barriers, and perhaps because they are simply overlooked by the scientific community, do not have access to the most current scientific knowledge.  By popular demand, CUNY DSI organized a live online chat session for members of the audience to ask questions from the panelists.


10/22/10:   CUNY DSI Presents "From One Island to Another across Countries: The Forgotten Immigration of Dominicans, 1892-1924."

Dr. Ramona Hernández, presented highlights of her research, based on Ellis Island documents and other sources, on the Dominican immigration to New York City at the turn of the 19th Century through the port of Ellis Island.  This presentation brought to light new information of Dominican immigration in a historic period of predominantly European immigration into New York City. The talk was organized in collaboration with the New-York Historical Society and it was attended by an enthusiastic and diverse crowd who filled the auditorium to capacity.


10/15/10:  Opening Reception for Art Exhibit Manifestaciones: Expressions of Dominicanidad in Nueva York.

 This exhibit consisted of a portfolio of 12 prints by the artists of Dominican-York Proyecto GRAFICA. This exhibit gives expression to diverse manifestations of thought in the Dominican community in the United States as seen through the work of twelve Dominican-York artists.  This event was made possible with the collaboration of the Art Department of The City College of New York and it marks the inauguration of the CUNY DSI Library and Archives as a Gallery space.

9/24/10: Visit of His Excellency, President Leonel Fernández of the Dominican Republic to El Museo del Barrio

His Excellency President Leonel Fernández attended an exclusive viewing of the Nueva York exhibit at the invitation of Dr. Ramona Hernández.  This exhibit organized in collaboration with The New-York Historical Society and El Museo del Barrio, examined for the first time the historical role of the people from Spain & Latin America in the economic, social and cultural development of New York City. The exhibit at El Museo del Barrio featured a section dedicated to Jan/Juan Rodríguez, a black sailor from Santo Domingo/Hispaniola the first non-native resident on record of what is today known as New York Harbor based on the archival research of CUNY DSI's resident historian and Assistant Director, Anthony Stevens-Acevedo.


9/22/10:  Presentation of Donation to CUNY DSI by Centro Cuesta Nacional.

 The Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) donated the entire set of books, and videos for Orgullo de mi Tierra.   The video presentation of the documentary Orgullo de mi Tierra along with the donation of accompanying books and educational materials was hosted at the CUNY DSI Archives and Library with representatives from Centro Cuesta Nacional; this gift is a valuable addition to our collection as it documents the flora and fauna as well as the rich cultural history of each region of the Dominican Republic. This donation is a great resource for elementary, middle and secondary school students that want to learn about specific regions of the Dominican Republic. (CCN is the largest and most diversified retailer in the Dominican Republic, and it is the parent company of Librería Cuesta, the country's largest bookstore.)

8/29/10 – 9/23/10:  CUNY DSI and Smithsonian Latino Center in Dominican Republic

CUNY DSI and The Smithsonian Latino Center held meetings in the Dominican Republic with cultural institutions to plan an international conference on the Dominican presence in the United States and to develop cultural exchange programs between Dominican institutions and the Smithsonian Latino Center.


7/25/10:  CUNY DSI staff and students participate in the Bronx Dominican Day Parade.

The CUNY DSI staff joined The City College of New York float in this proud day of pride and celebration for the Dominican community in the Bronx.  The Bronx is now home to the biggest concentration of Dominicans in New York City.

5/13-14/10:  Dominicans in the United States: Memory, Culture, and Geography (Annual Meeting of the Dominican Studies Association, held at Naugatuck Valley Community College, Connecticut).

CUNY DSI was the key organizer of this annual conference of the Dominican Studies Association which featured presentations by CUNY DSI staff:
•"A Socio-Economic Profile of Dominicans in the U.S." The keynote presentation by Dr. Ramona Hernández.
•"Yes, 1613: Early Enough for You? Establishing Early Dominican Presence in the U.S." A presentation on Jan/Juan Rodríguez,( the first non native resident of New York Harbor on record) by CUNY DSI'S resident historian and Assistant Director, Anthony Stevens-Acevedo.
•"Much More than a Room of Its Own:  Narrating the Life of the CUNY DSI Library," a presentation about the CUNY DSI Archives and Library by Assistant Professor and Head Librarian Sarah Aponte.


3/12/10: Order of Meritorious Citizen 2010 in collaboration with the Dominican Consulate in New York.

In this ceremony 18 distinguished Dominicans from New York received the Meritorious Citizen Award granted by the Dominican Republic Consulate in New York.  The award ceremony and presentation was co-hosted by CUNY DSI at The City College of New York.   New York State former Governor, the Honorable Mr. David Paterson and CUNY Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations, Mr. Jay Hershenson attended this event.


3/6/10: "Todas Bellas, Todas Reinas: A Tribute to Women."

The Dominican Studies Institute and The New York Women's Chamber of Commerce co-hosted a concert with the renowned "Queen of Merengue" Millie Quezada at the Aaron Davis Hall.  The benefit concert helped raise funds for the Loan Assistance Program to Help Beauty Salon Owners, a project of The New York Women's Chamber of Commerce and the Latino Association of Beauty Professionals.  Over 600 people attended this event.