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Early Childhood Education

Suggested Course Sequence for Initial Certification

Semester 1
2100K:  Developmental Issues in EArly Childhood Education* (3 credits)
1900C:  Language and Literacy Development in Early Childhood* (3 credits)

Semester 2
0100C:  Observing and Recording Children in Classroom Contexts* (3 credits)
3500C:  Education in the Early Years:  Infants, Toddlers and Preschools* (3 credits)

0100A - Urban Schools in a Diverse Society* (3 credits)

Semester 3
0500C - Literacy Acquisition - Emergent to Fluent* (3 credits) or other methods
6000C - How Young Children Learn Math* (3 credits) or other methods

Semester 4
3300C - How Young Children Learn Science or other methods* (3 credits)
4300C - Art and Expressive Activities in Early Childhood Education* (3 credits)
7300C - Music and Movement for Young Children* (3 credits)

1800K - Family/Child/School (3 credits)

Semester 5
2101C - Social Studies in the Early Childhood Curriculum* (3 credits)
2202I - Content Research Seminar 1 in Early Childhood Education (2 credits)
4200C - Including Young Children with Special Needs in the General Education Classroom*

Semester 6
0200C - Curriculum in ECE* (3 credits)
0301G and 0302G or 0303G - Student Teaching/Supervised Teaching plus Seminar (6 credits total)
1900G Professional Education Seminar (0 credits)
2900I - Content Research Seminar 2 in Early Childhood Education (2 credits)

* indicates 10 hours of field work