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Educational Theatre

Family Arts Saturday Program of the Educational Theatre Program


  • Ed Theatre Graduate Student Meet Up - Central Park for a performance of Steal This Play - a site unspecific play and mobile performance on 10/5 at 3pm- if interested email educationaltheatre@ccny.cuny.edu
  • Guest Speaker Nilaja Sun creator and performer of No Child 10/23 at 7:30pm - $5 must pay and RSVP prior to the date to educationaltheatre@ccny.cuny.edu
  • Guest Speaker Amanda Gronich from Tectonic Theatre Project 10/16 at 7:30pm - $5 must pay and RSVP prior to date to educationaltheatre@ccny.cuny.edu
  • Ed Theatre Halloween Trivia Event on 10/22 from 5-7pm - details to follow!
  • Interested in a graduate degree in Educational Theatre? Please join us for an Information Session on Tuesday, November 18th at 7:30pm.  For details and to RSVP please email educationaltheatre@ccny.cuny.edu.
  • Process Drama workshop with Cecily O'Neill 12/8 from 5-8pm - $10 must pay and RSVP prior to date to educationaltheatre@ccny.cuny.edu
  • The Little Mermaid Performance and Community Potluck @ PS 161 on 12/11 6pm - more info to follow!
  • End of Semester Cabaret 12/18 5-7pm NAC Ballroom
  • You can follow us on twitter @ccnyedtheatre twitter
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Community Outreach

 Educational Theatre - Community Outreach

The graduate program provides opportunities for students to work with the Creative Arts Team (CAT), Lincoln Center Institute (LCI) and Manhattan Theatre Club (MTC). These unique partnerships will allow students to take elective courses with the School of Professional Studies MA in Applied Theatre, work with LCI teaching artists within their CCNY courses and work in a mentorship capacity with the Education Program at MTC.