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Educational Theatre

Photo Gallery

(To see more photos of an event, please click on the title below or the photo)


Cecily O'Neill Fall 2014
Cecily O'Neill Fall 2014

little mermaid
Little Mermaid Jr
yuki and the elephant
Yuki and The Elephant

Artistic/Research Share Spring 2014 
Artistic/Research Share Spring 2014
The Elephant
Yuki and The Elephant at Family Arts Day
Family Arts Day 2014
Family Arts Saturday 2014


Cecily O'Neill visits CCNY February 2014
Artistic/Research Share Fall 2013
Artistic/Research Share Fall 2013
 aladdin kids
Aladdin Kids
Fly on By
Jonathan Neeland visits Fall 2013
Family Arts Day 2013
Family Arts Saturday
Cecily Oneill Visits February 2013
Research and Artistic Share Fall 2012

The Jungle Book at PS 161

Fable Talk Fall 2012

Jeremiah Drake visits CCNY Theatre

Working with Mahattanville Senior
Center July 2012

Spring 2012 Graduation

Spring 2012 Celebration

Research Share Spring 2012

Fable Talk at Family Arts Day

Family Arts Day

Family Arts Saturday Program


Cultural Arts Fair
Cecily O'neill Masters Class
Holiday Party 2011
Dear Diary November 2011
Hansel and Gretel - October 2011
Video , Video 2
Conflict Resolution through Theatre
CCNY Graduation - June 2011
End of the Year Party 201-2011 and Web Launch!
Thesis Share Spring 2011
Educational Theatre Mini Conference
April 30, 2011
The Princess Who Could Not Cry -
Readings on the Road
Family Arts Saturday
Face to Face Conference - February 2011
Cecily O'Neill Master Class - January 2011
Holiday Party - December 2010
Graduate Candidates facilitate a lesson
with students in a course called Drama as a
Learning Medium
It's About Learning - Cabaret
Cultural Arts Fair - November 2010
Little Red Riding Hood and Halloween
Stories - October 2010

Video 1, Video 2
Adjunct Retreat - Fall 2010