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New Initial Certification Exams for Teachers and School Building Leaders

Please note that the New York State Teacher Certification examination requirements have changed. If you expect to graduate in June 2014 or later, you will need to wait for the new tests to be phased in (Test Development Schedule). The Content Specialty Tests (CSTs) will also change. The current version of the CST will be valid regardless of when you graduate.

More information on the new exams:



ALL Candidates applying for certification must use the TEACH ONLINE SERVICES Application System.  The state will no longer accept paper applications.  All information required to apply via the TEACH System is available on this website and on the TEACH Instruction Sheet.

Please be aware of deadlines to apply for graduation.
Deadlines are listed on the academic calendar for each semester. The calendar and application can be found on the registrar's website. Failure to apply for graduation will delay your degree & certification by at least 1 semester. Students in advanced certificate programs should also apply for graduation even though not technically receiving a degree.

The goal of this website is to provide information regarding New York State certification as it relates to the CCNY student.  This website is not intended to substitute or replace the official Office of Teaching Initiatives website which is maintained by the New York State Education Department, nor does the information contained herein supercede any information which is posted at the NYSED website.  This website seeks only to interpret and explain some of that information and put it into terms that are relevant to the CCNY student.  This website will also give instruction as to how to go about applying for certification via Institutional Recommendation, and will provide information, forms, and links to make the process as painless as possible.

Please use the links to the right to navigate through this site.  I trust you will be able to find answers to all questions you may have regarding certification.

Contact Information

Melissa Tise
Certification Officer

North Academic Center
Room 3/213
160 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031