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School of Education

New Graduate Candidates

Congratulations on your acceptance to the CCNY School of Education Graduate Program.  This is a proud achievement! 

We in the Office of Admissions & Student Services are pleased to support your transition from applicant to candidate and invite you to review the relevant information and links below. 

Offer of Admission

An offer of admission is delivered through email. The applicant is invited to log back into the online application to view the decision. In some cases, a decision may be sent by first class mail.

Fall Admission: Decisions are sent in May
Spring Admission: Decisions are sent in December   

Deferring Admission

A request for deferral can only be considered when an offer of admission is extended. The candidate must submit this request in writing to the Office of Admissions & Student Services, NA 3/223A. A deferral may be requested for up to two semesters including the semester of acceptance. If a deferral is granted for two semesters, the candidate is required to submit a new application fee to the Office of Admissions & Student Services, NA 3/223A, before being updated.   

Advising & Registration 

Advising & Registration must be completed onsite in the first term of admission.  After this period, the candidate may use the online system to register for courses after meeting with his/her faculty advisor.

The offer of admission typically contains the onsite registration date/s and in some cases an invitation to a program orientation, the latter invitation is sent by email directly from the program or viewed on the program's website.

The School of Education Calendar


The College's Wellness Office manages the paperwork for the immunization requirements. A candidate cannot register unless this paperwork is complete. Click here for the form and additional information.  

Bill Pay

Once the registration process is completed, the next step is to satisfy the bill by the due date listed on the lower left hand corner. The website of the Office of the Bursar is a useful resource not only for bill pay information, but determining payment options. 

Identification Cards

Identification cards must be worn in all CCNY buildings. The card may be obtained only after the bill has been validated. Click here for additional information on the required documentation needed to procure an identification card. 

Other Information

Candidate E-Mail
CUNY Portal & Blackboard Information
TaskStream Information