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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Program Overview

Co-Director: Professor Salar Abdoh
Co-Director: Professor Keith Gandal
NAC 6/210; 212-650-6694;

The Creative Writing Program at The City College of New York is in its fourth decade. Since its inception some of the most distinguished writers in America have taught here at our West Harlem campus, including Donald Barthelme, Gwendolyn Brooks, Kurt Vonnegut, Marilyn Hacker, William Matthews, Grace Paley and Susan Sontag. The mission of our program is simple: We want every student to find his or her unique voice, whether through fiction, nonfiction, drama, screenwriting, experimental or genre fiction and/or poetry, while simultaneously preparing them for life beyond graduate school as writers, teachers and scholars.

Coupled with our drive for inclusiveness is our conviction that a writing program should not only help students hone the skills they already have but guide them to discover new ones as well. Regardless of their concentration in poetry, nonfiction or fiction, we encourage students to practice in a variety of offerings, including our workshop in Literary Translation.

Graduates of the Creative Writing Program at The City College of New York have gone on to win the Pulitzer Prize, the Pushcart Prize, the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Fulbright Award, the O. Henry Award, a Grammy Award and more. The legacy continues with recent alumni having work published by Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, Ampersand, Lyons Press, as well as having a presence on the New York Times Best Sellers list. In a program curriculum of advanced writing workshops and courses in English and American Literature, our distinguished faculty is dedicated to the intellectual growth and literary success of our students.

Finally, despite its prime location and storied past, the City College's MFA program is dedicated to remaining at a fraction of the cost of similar programs in New York City. We welcome our MFAs to attend the program at their own pace as full-time or part-time students. We believe in access and opportunity not for just a select few, but for all those who believe in the life of literature and who take the craft of writing seriously.

Program Requirements

1. Forty-two credits are required for the degree: 15 credits of Creative Writing Workshops, 9 credits of Critical Practice Seminars, 15 credits of Literature Seminars, 3 credits of Thesis Tutorial. Each Graduate English course is worth three credits.

2. The thesis must be a mature, substantial body of work. The student will ask a faculty member to be the mentor and, in consultation with the mentor, decide on a project.

3. There is no foreign language requirement for M.F.A. students who enrolled in Fall 2011 or subsequent semesters. Note: students who enrolled before Fall 2011 must pass a foreign language translation exam, or receive a grade of B or above in the Translation Workshop before the M.F.A. degree can be earned.

Admissions/Applying to the Program

Admission Requirements for the MFA in Creative Writing Program are listed on the program's Graduate Admissions page.