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Scholarships & Awards

The English Department Graduate Scholarship in Latino/Latina Studies

Through the generosity of a donor, the English Department is offering a one-time $3,500 scholarship to any incoming graduate student in any of our graduate programs (MFA in Creative Writing, MA in Literature, or MA in Language & Literacy) who works, either through scholarship or creative writing, in Latino/Latina Studies. Along with normal admissions materials this award will require a one-page expression of interest and qualifications. For more information please email with subject line "Graduate Scholarship in Latino/Latina Studies"

Isaacs Scholarship Program

The Isaacs Scholarship at City College is an undergraduate scholarship for students at the College planning to pursue a major in English Literature. Isaacs Scholars are capable of serious work in humanistic studies. The program is built around a major in English literature with collateral work in Foreign languages and the Classics: the traditional disciplines of a liberal education. Click here to visit the Program website.  -  English Honors Program

Annual Awards And Prizes

Creative Writing Awards

  • The Doris Lippman Prize in Creative Writing
  • The Jerome Lowell DeJur Award In Creative Writing
  • The David Dortort Prize in Creative Writing
  • The Dortort Family Undergraduate Prize in Creative Writing
  • The Henry Roth Memorial Scholarship
  • The Adria Schwartz Award in Women's Fiction
  • The Goodman Fund Grants
  • The Goodman Fund Short Story Award
  • The Graduate Children's Writing Award
  • The Undergraduate Children's Writing Award

Poetry Awards

  • The David Markowitz Poetry Award
  • The Esther Unger Poetry Prize
  • The Goodman Fund Poetry Award
  • The James Emanuel Poetry Prize

Essay Awards

  • The Allan Danzig Memorial Award in Victorian & Romantic Literature
  • The David Markowitz Essay Award
  • The Riggs Gold Medal Essay Award
  • The Meyer Cohn Graduate Essay Award in Literature

The Irwin and Alice Stark Awards

  • The Stark Short Fiction Prize
  • The Stark Award in Fiction in Honor of Henry R. Roth
  • The Stark Award in Drama in Memory of Ross Alexander
  • The Stark Poetry Prize in Memory of Raymond Patterson
  • The Stark Award for Essay in Literature
  • The Stark English Composition Award in Memory of Mina Shaughnessy

Awards for General Excellence

  • The David Dortort Undergraduate Fellowship
  • The Edward C. and Ruth P. Mack Graduate Fellowship
  • The Paul Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • The Richard Shephard Award for Excellence in Writing
  • The Leon/Ward Prize
  • The Marilyn Sternglass Awards in Language and Literacy:
    • The Marilyn Sternglass Writing Award
    • The Marilyn Sternglass Overall Merit Award
  • The Toni Cade Bambara Endowed Scholarship
  • The William Bradley Otis Fellowship in American Literature
  • The Albert Friend Award for Excellence in Medieval Studies

Teaching Awards

  • The Norman Levine Outstanding Teaching Award
  • The Teacher-Writer Award
2014-2015 Awards and Prizes Booklet