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Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering

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Grove School of Engineering is pleased to announce the launching of one new

MS program:  Earth Systems and Environmental Science and Technology

Human activity is increasingly perturbing our fragile environment by depleting our natural resources, destroying ecosystems and accelerating climate change.  A sustainable planet requires engineers and scientists to understand the impact of their decisions on built and natural systems.

ESE faculty are involved in cutting-edge research with government agencies like NOAA and NASA and industry leaders such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. Research activities are real-world goal oriented in fields such as air pollution, water quality, soil moisture assessment, vegetation health and many more environmental fields.

Students in this program pursue the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Earth System Science and Environmental Engineering; the Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Earth System Science; the Master of Science and Professional Science Master in Earth Systems and Environmental Science and Technology.

The Program is accredited as environmental engineering program by Engineering Accreditation Commission ABET in 2010.

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