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Earth System Science & Environmental Engineering

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In February: Application should be filed in your last semester, by November 3, 2014.

In May: Application should be filed in your last semester, by March 1.

You may begin to apply for Spring 2015 graduation on February 2, 2015. The deadline to apply for Spring 2015 graduation is March 1, 2015. 
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To have your diploma mailed please follow the instructions

Preliminary graduation check - Next deadline is in Spring 2015 at advising

ESE Students with 80 credits completed must apply for a review of their academic record to determine whether they are on track for meeting all requirements for graduation. Bring ALL 3 completed and signed forms to the ESE program office, Room 421 in Steinman Hall.   

Useful information about offered classes

Useful forms for current CCNY ESE/EESE students

Common things that engineering students must know

Requisites Violations Don't register for a course unless you expect to satisfy its prerequisites before it starts (take its co-requisites at the same time as the course).  If you get an insufficient grade in one of its prerequisites, drop it. Otherwise you will be removed from the course during the semester.  Your tuition will not be refunded.  If you drop below 12 credits as a result, visa status and financial aid will be invalidated.

Advisement To register for next semester's (including summer) classes you must get advising, producing a signed advisement form. (i) If you have completed 44 credits or less: go to the Office of Student Development (OSD), Steinman 2M-7; (ii) If you have completed more than 45 credits see General Advisor in Steinman 421.

Transfer Credits Transfer credit is not transitive.  If a course C1 taken at school S1 results in transfer credit at school S2 for a course C2 there, then course C1 NOT course C2 will be evaluated for transfer credit when you transfer to CCNY.  To obtain transfer credits on your CCNY transcript from other institutions, you MUST provide course descriptions.  A transcript itself is not enough!

Course Substitutions  If your choice of courses violates or doesn't satisfy published degree requirements (refer to the curriculum matrix), you MUST have written permission signed by the program chair and the Associate Dean.   Nothing verbal is a guarantee, get it in writing!

Permits As a CCNY student you can take a course elsewhere and get credit for an equivalent course here only if you apply in advance to take it "on permit," and get permission to do so.  The permit requires approval of the program chair and the associate dean.

General Education/Liberal Arts Requirements  In order to fulfill the Grove School of Engineering general education requirement, engineering science students must pass six approved courses for a total of 18 credits of which at least 6 credits must be at the 20000 level or higher, and satisfy the objectives of at least three of the four approved clusters. It is possible that an approved course may satisfy the objectives of one or more clusters.

Students admitted or readmitted to CCNY in Fall 2013 or later should consult their major advisor to find out which courses will satisfy their major's General Education  and Pathways requirement. 

Residency Requirements ESE students MUST complete at least 33 credits of 30000-level or higher ESE courses at CCNY

Re-entry If you are absent from CCNY for a semester or more, then you must satisfy the new major requirements in effect when you return.

If you need Verification Letters of enrollment,  graduation, a letter stating current enrollment for insurance, etc.  please complete a Request for Certification letter form and submit the form either in person at the Office of the Registrar, A-102 or via fax to (212) 650-6108. See more information here.