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Child Development and Family Services Center

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The City College Child Development Center (Center) is located on the campus of The City College, at Convent Avenue and 133rd Street, in the College’s South parking lot. It is a freestanding building with three (3) floors: basement, first and second floors. On the first floor there are four (4) classrooms, one (1) adult and one (1) children’s bathroom, and kitchen. There are two (2) means of egress on this floor. Adjacent to the building is an outdoor play area equipped appropriately for early childhood children. The play area has a safety surface, and is accessed from two (2) classrooms. Administrative offices are located on the second floor.  On this floor, there are two (2) offices, one lounge/storage room, one (1) adult bathroom, and fire escape. The Center is the only program in the building. The City College Child Development Center is temporarily closed for renovations.