Toddler rock climbing activity an example of what is available at CCNY Child Development Center





160 Convent Avenue New York, NY 10031

Full and Part time schedules available

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Children Served & Hours

Serving children ages 2-5 years old with enrollment priority given to:

  • CCNY Students
  • CCNY Faculty/Staff
  • Community families

*Subsidized tuition for qualifying CCNY students

Hours: Monday - Friday (7am - 6pm EST)


The CCNY Child Development Center's (CDC) philosophy is to provide an environment where a child’s growth is supported and stimulated in all areas of development. Our program is rich with experiences in art, music, movement, science, language arts, and math, with plenty of room for nurturing individual interests. The teachers feel it’s important for the children to build their understandings through their own individual experiences, thus enabling them to think for themselves and question thoughtfully. In this way, the children know they are competent to learn, to grow, and to trust themselves as well as others.


  • Toddler

Toddlers are children from approximately two to three years of age. During this age, children begin to play together, sit for circle time, and group time. The teachers plan a curriculum based on a theme, in which they incorporate language, music, art, math, and science activities to enhance all areas of development (social, cognitive, language, gross and fine motor, self-help skills). Children learn to become more independent in self-help skills, including eating, dressing, using the bathroom, etc.


  • Pre-school

Pre-school children are three to five years of age and are completely potty trained. Children participate in preschool activities to prepare for Kindergarten. The teachers plan a curriculum to facilitate skills in all areas of development, including social, cognitive, fine and gross motor, self-help skills, and language skills. Academic areas include pre-reading, art, music, movement, science, and math. Each month there is a different theme (i.e. ocean life, zoo animals, farm animals, dinosaurs, space, transportation, community workers, safety, etc.).


  • After-school

After-school children range in ages from four to nine years of age. Children participate in age appropriate activities that will compliment the lessons of their primary schools. In a more relaxed atmosphere, children will participate in art activities, musical activities, board games, computer games, reading activities, and homework help.

Daily Schedules


Arrival & free play Arrival & beginning homework
Bathroom/hand-washing Bathroom/ hand-washing
Snack time Snack time
Circle time: Attendance, Calendar, Stories, Discussion Arts, Crafts & Supervision of homework: Gross Motor-play, Outdoors & Freeplay
Planned Activities: Art & Science Projects, Dramatic Play, Blocks, Etc... Bathroom/hand-washing & food preparation
  Meal time
  Clean up
  Free play, activity "catchup", Gross motor-play & dismissal


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