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City College Fellowships Program

Spring 2014 Schedule

*Required attendance for all Fellows
Please see the "Guide" for other events required for Fellows at different stages.
All events begin at 12:30 in NAC 6/309 and lunch is served, unless otherwise noted. 

Thu. Jan 30

Orientation for all new City College Fellows and Mellon Mays Fellows

Fri. Jan 31

* Fellowship Dinner (6:00 meeting with graduated Fellows; 7:00 dinner in NAC 6/316)

Thu. Feb 13

Workshop: The Mentoring Relationship

Thu. Feb 27

Workshop: Balancing Career and Life

Thu. Mar 13

*Forum: "On Research"

Thu. Mar 27

Workshop: Public Speaking

Thu. Apr 10

*Workshop: Applying to Graduate School

Thu. Apr 24

Round-table: Applying to Graduate School (Q&A follow-up discussion)

Fri. May 2

*City College Fellowships Program Annual Research Conference (9AM-5PM, in 6/316 and 6/309)


Tue. Feb 25

Recruitment meeting for MMUF
(NAC 6/316)

Mon. Mar 10

DUE: MMUF applications

Mon. Apr 7

DUE: Applications for summer research funding

Tue. Apr 8

DUE: Submit paper titles for CCFELL Research Conference

Tue. Apr 8

Recruitment meeting for CCFELL
(NAC 6/316)

Thu. May 1

DUE: Applications for City College Fellowships


Mon. Mar 10

* Due: Submit paper titles and synopses for MMUF Research Conference

Fri. Apr 11

Twelfth Annual NY Regional MMUF Conference, CCNY, CUNY

Fri. May 16

MMUF Annual Dinner

The Twelfth Annual City College Fellowships Research Conference

The Twelfth Annual City College Fellowships Research Conference is Friday, May 2, 2014, from 9 AM – 5 PM in NAC 6/316. All students, faculty, family members, and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend. Fellows who wish to present their work at the Research Conference must submit a title by Tuesday, April 8, 2014.