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Gabriella Clemente

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Gabriella Clemente 
Gabriella Clemente
Mathematics Major
Mellon Mays Fellow

Gabriella Clemente has a calling to understand how things work, to capture the beauty of these processes, and to express it.  As a pure mathematics major, she is learning ways to give her calling—and her intuitions—a definite form.

Born in L.A. to an Argentinean mother and a Puerto Rican father, she grew up in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, and attended the ballet academy of the Teatro Colón. In her adolescence, she moved to Moscow to study at МГАХ (aka the Bolshoi Academy), from which she graduated.

After becoming a Fellow, Gabriella studied the time-independent Schrödinger equation in momentum space, in particular, the momentum space, hydrogen atom Schrödinger equation and John Lombardi’s proposed solution.  During summer 2014, she completed a mathematics REU at CSU, Fresno, in the well-covered dimension theory of graphs.  Currently, she is studying geometric flows, specifically the Ricci Flow.