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City College Fellowships Program

Shannon (Shay) Culpepper

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Shannon Culpepper 
Shannon (Shay) Culpepper
Economics and Mathematics Major
City College Fellow

Shay is a spunky girl from Texas. Two years into her studies at Southern Methodist University in Texas, she still had no clue why she was in college.  Finding her job at the time to be more fulfilling than school, she stopped studying to focus on her career at a Christian non-profit. During that time, she traveled the world and learned about dozens of foreign cultures, politics, economies, and religions. While traveling she saw the need for economic development worldwide. But what could she do? She suddenly realized that she had limited herself by discontinuing her education. Now she's pursuing a double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics, having understood the importance of specialization, education, and hard work. Her primary interest is South Asian economic development, and she hopes to spend her time at City College gaining knowledge about this region. If she had her way, poverty would cease to exist in her lifetime.