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Maria Gavrutenko

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 Maria Gavrutenko
Maria Gavrutenko
Biology Major
City College Fellow

Maria grew up in Russia, where she started an undergraduate degree in international relations.  At the age of 20, she visited New York on a student summer travel program and decided to stay in the US. Maria wanted to continue her college education, but she was no longer interested in studying politics. She rediscovered her fascination with the natural world and applied to CCNY to study biology.

Maria has always been distraught by escalating human impact on the environment. Many plant and animal species are endangered due to habitat loss caused by human activity. Mankind easily destroys ecosystems that had naturally formed over thousands of years, but it is nearly impossible to recreate them. Maria is interested in studying the natural ecosystems and the effects of habitat loss and climate change on biodiversity, as well as finding practical solutions to environmental problems. Maria intends to obtain a Ph.D in ecology with an emphasis on applied methods of conservation biology.