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Emmanuel Lachaud

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 Emmanuel Lachaud
Emmanuel Lachaud
History Major
Mellon Mays Fellow

Emmanuel Lachaud was born in New York City, has lived in Brooklyn since the age of one, and loves living in New York. After graduating from Clara Barton High School in 2008, he entered CCNY and chose to major in history. Although he has always loved history, he did not understand until recently what it means to be a historian. His perception has changed due to experiences in the classroom.

Despite his exposure to the many different cultures of the Caribbean, his high school environment caused him to question and to hide his Haitian heritage. He chose to be American rather than Haitian in order to avoid the ridicule of his peers. It was not until his junior year at CCNY—when he began to investigate Haitian culture and Haitian national figures to fulfill a class assignment—that he became particularly interested in how Haiti and its revolutionary independence has affected the larger Atlantic world. As his eyes opened to gender and racial issues that shaped the Haitian nation, he began to invest energy in studying the histories of Latin America and Africa. He aspires to earn a Ph.D. in history and to use his knowledge and education to help others understand our complex world and their place in it.