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Angelo Laine

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 Angelo Laine
Angelo Laine
Psychology Major
City College Fellow

In March 2010, three months after the terrible earthquake that devastated his country, Haiti, Angelo moved to the United States.  After he entered CCNY, his career goals shifted and he gave up pursuing medicine in favor of the study of Psychology.  Participation in the 2013 CUNY Summer Undergraduate Research Program as a member of Dr. Jill Bargonetti’s cancer lab provided him with the experience to confirm that he wants to be a research scientist and can handle the frustrations and complications that research inevitably brings.  Currently, his eyes are fixed on pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical Psychology.

A volunteer experience during 2013 also solidified Angelo's desire to become a psychologist.  At the Harlem Hospital, he served as an advocate for the not-for-profit organization, Health Leads (, which “envisions a healthcare system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care.”  He distributed fliers to patients in the waiting room, registered future clients, identified the clients’ needs (food, shelter, jobs, and so on), searched for services that could be of help, and referred clients to these services.  Additionally, he kept in touch with each client at least every ten days, updated case files, and participated in weekly reflection sessions.  He thoroughly enjoyed this experience.