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Andrew Moore-Hargrove

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 Andrew Moore-Hargrove
Andrew Moore-Hargrove
Sociology Major
City College Fellow

Andrew grew up Plant City, a quaint southern town located in the heart of Florida. Growing up in a small agricultural community, he was often exposed to the sight of migrant field workers toiling in the oppressive Florida heat and the stark boundaries between ethnic enclaves. Being a descendant of field workers and listening to stories of how his family had been victims of exploitation, he gained an interest in understanding key factors contributing to the plight workers have faced in this country.  However, before this endeavor would materialize, Andrew moved to New York to pursue his hopes of being an actor. The rigorous training he received at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts—exploring the ills, passions, and follies of the human condition—had a profound impact on his understanding of what it means to be human. In between acting gigs and auditions, he worked in low-level food and retail jobs.  During this time he was often asked (because of budget cuts) to do the work that several people would usually do.

Frustrated with being taken advantage of and (at the time) bearing witness to the efforts of the Occupy movement, he became interested in understanding the dynamics of power in our labor system. He wanted to better understand the successes and failures of different social movements that have challenged capitalism and fought for better working conditions. In order to accomplish this, Andrew enrolled at BMCC whereupon he took a sociology class that broadened his perspective on this issue. While at City College, he is expanding and refining his sociological imagination by pursuing his BA in sociology.  His hope is to be able to use his knowledge to learn from past mistakes and build upon the successes of various labor movements. After receiving his PhD in sociology, with a focus in understanding labor movement dynamics, he anticipates that his research will empower workers to be more knowledgeable and capable of attaining the justice they rightfully deserve.