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Finance and Administration

CUNYfirst Procurement

CUNYfirst Procurement Roles

  • Selecting an Alternate User to Approve Requisitions - In the event of the absence of an approver - vacation, illness, extended travel - the approver can delgate his/her approval role to another individual.  It is strongly recommended that approvers perform this delegation PRIOR to absence to ensure department workflow.

CUNYfirst Requisitions to Receipts - Job Aids/Training Tools


Create Requisitions - Goods and Services 
Amount Only Requisitions
Shipping Charges
Manage Requisitions
Approve Requisitions
Budget Check Requisitions (Manually)
Cancel Requisitions

CUNYfirst Procurement Category Codes

Most Used Category Codes

CUNYfirst Procurement Job Aids

CUNYfirst Procurement Glossary (Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook)
CUNYfirst Procurement FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions (Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook)
Requisition Status/Budget Status/Available Actions - In 'Manage Requisitions', review available and recommended actions, based on requisition and budget status.
CUNYfirst Procurement Icons


Typically, goods are delivered to the Requester who is responsible for counting the goods and noting the condition of the received goods on a receipt entered on the day the goods are delivered.

Requesters must contact Purchasing to resolve shortfalls of quantity or quality with the supplier.

Additionally, three categories of goods and services require entry of a system inspection into CUNYfirst: Information Technology, Facilities/Furniture, and Hazardous Materials.

When Requesters are prompted for an inspection during the creation of a receipt, Requesters must also forward a completed CUNYfirst Procurement Inspection form to Property Management, located in Marshak 024B.

Accounts Payable matches the goods received (i.e, the receipts entered by the Requester and Inspector, if applicable), against the goods invoiced for quantity and price BEFORE paying the Vendor.  Therefore, Requesters must enter receipts accurately and as soon as possible into CUNYfirst to document delivery of goods and services.

CUNYfirst Accounting Information

CUNYfirst Procurement vs. Financial Accounting System (FAS)

  • CF/FAS Lookup Tool - Use your legacy FAS structure to find your CUNYfirst department number

CUNYfirst ChartField Structure


CUNYfirst Procurement Reporting Tools/Queries

  • Running Department Expenditure Detail Reports

  • Run Queries - Run queries to retrieve specific data and information from the CUNYfirst system, (e.g. department budgets, P.O. status, expenditures, etc.),  based on pre-defined query parameters.

  • Other Useful Queries
    • OTPS Budget Overview and Expense Accounts - View Allocated Budget/Pre-encumbrances/Encumbrances/Expenditures/Available Budget by Department.
    • PO with/without Voucher by Department - Presents the best overview of Requisition through Payment and includes the CUNY check number and date.
    • Procurement Transactions - View all Requisitions/Purchase Orders/Receipts/Inspections by Department.
    • Requisition through Payment - View details about Requisitions/Purchase Orders/Receipts/Invoices/Vouchers/State Payments by Department.
    • Requisition and P.O. Status - View status of Requisitions and Purchase Orders by Department.

CUNYfirst Procurement - Business Procedures

  • Expense Reimbursement (Employee and Non-Employee) - local travel, moving expenses, professional dues and publications, miscellaneous expenses, etc. - Revised Procedures Coming Soon
  • Travel Authorization - Revised Procedures Coming Soon