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Finance and Administration

CUNYfirst Business Procedure - Expense Reimbursement


In addition to travel reimbursements, employees can be reimbursed for other expenses, (e.g. local travel, moving expenses, professional dues and publications, miscellaneous expenses, etc.),  according to collective bargaining contracts, the NYS Division of the Budget Guidance and other sources:

  • Expenses must be authorized PRIOR to the employee incurring the cost for which they will request reimbursement.
  • Approval of an expense report shall be by an authorized official, (i.e. VP, Division Head, Dean, Chair, etc.), other than the claimant.  In the case of the head of a division, the approver reviewing the expenses should be someone in a position of authority who is knowledgeable of the rules governing the reimbursement.
  • Expense reports should only be submitted for expenses that an employee has incurred or the employee is entitled to through collective bargaining agreements while doing official State business.  There may be repercussions, up to and including termination, for the submission of expenses that are not actual, reasonable and necessary.
  • All expense reports shall be submitted timely.

Attach expense receipts (e.g. redacted statements, subscription confirmations, etc.) to the appropriate forms.  No later than 10 business days after incurring the expense(s), employees are REQUIRED to submit the appropriate above referenced documents to their supervisors for approval.  Upon approval, supervisors must forward the completed documents to Accounts Payable located in Wingate Hall room 112. 

All expense reports are independently reviewed by the Accounts Payable department (AP) to ensure that they contain sufficient and appropriate evidence to support voucher certification to the NYS Comptroller.  If approved, AP will submit a payment voucher through CUNYfirst for bulk-load electronic transmission to the Statewide Financial System (SFS).

Final settlement will be based on the expenditures allowed by the State of New York.  NYS Sales Tax will be deducted from reimbursement amounts.


Requests for expense reimbursements by non-employees are submitted using the CCNY Support of Expense Reimbursement and the NYS Claim for Payment (AC3253-S).  

In order to be eligible for reimbursement with tax levy funds, non-employees must register as "vendors" with CUNY by submitting a CUNY Vendor & Payee Registration form.  Non-employees are strongly encouraged to submit this form as soon as possible PRIOR to traveling to avoid delays with reimbursement.

Non-employees must bear in mind that, if reimbursed,  purchased items become the property of the College. 

Additional information can be found in the NYS Office of the State Comptroller Guide to Financial Operations or by emailing inquiries to