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Finance and Administration

CUNYfirst Business Procedure - Request for Support of Travel

The City College of New York (CCNY) and the City University of New York (CUNY) are divisions of the State of New York and are bound by certain rules and regulations as it relates to travel.  When an individual, (employee or non-employee), travels on behalf of the College, they must be aware of the following forms and regulations:
  • Regardless of the purpose, ALL travel must be approved by the Division Head or Chair in advance of purchasing any tickets and/or making travel arrangements.  Although, travelers and departments are not required to process anything through the CUNYfirst system, travelers must be knowledgeable of their department's CUNYfirst Chartfield structure in order to complete the CCNY Request for Support of Travel.
  • ALL airline tickets MUST be purchased using the contracted State Travel Card or Non-Employee Travel Card (NET). The Net-Card (NET) is used for non-employee travel expenses.  Employees MAY NOT use personal credit cards or other means for reimbursement.
  • ALL airline ticketing MUST be done through an authorized State travel agent contractor, responsible for certifying that the ticketing is done in accordance with State guidelines. Recommended exceptions include: emergency situations, when the non-contract fare saves $200 or more per round-trip ticket, or contract flights would require the traveler to incur unnecessary overnight lodging costs.  Refer to NYS/OGS Purchasing Memorandum number CL-744 for more information.
  • The State of New York reimburses for lodging, meals and incidentals according to Current Per Diem rates based on travel destination.  Unlike the Federal government, the State has an alternate method of breaking down Meal Allowances for Part Day Reimbursements.
  • Individuals using their private personal vehicles for college travel purposes are entitled to a mileage allowance which changes periodically based on Current Mileage Allowance rates. 
  • Other methods of travel, (i.e. car rental, bus, train, airplane, etc.), must be based on the BEST available economy rate.  The Statewide Travel Agent Service Contract holders can assist  travelers in obtaining both travel arrangements and lodging in accordance with NYS regulations.  

At the conclusion of your trip, but not more than 10 business days afterwards, ALL travelers are REQUIRED to reconcile their expenses and submit the following forms to their Supervisor for approval, (as applicable):


Attach expense receipts (e.g. cabs, e-ticket receipts, boarding passes, etc.) to the appropriate forms.  Please DO NOT submit meal receipts as the College will provide each traveler with the appropriate per diem meal rate.  Upon approval, Supervisors should submit the completed documents to Accounts Payable located in Wingate Hall room 112. 

Upon receipt, the Accounts Payable department will review the documents to ensure that they contain sufficient and appropriate evidence to support voucher certification to the NYS Comptroller.  If approved, Accounts Payable will submit a payment voucher through CUNYfirst for bulk-load electronic transmission to the Statewide Financial System (SFS).

Regardless of the estimated cost of your trip, the final settlement will be based on the expenditures allowed by the State of New York.

Special Note for Non-Employees

In order to be eligible for reimbursement with tax levy funds, non-employees must register as "vendors" with CUNY by submitting a CUNY Vendor & Payee Registration form.  Non-employees are strongly encouraged to submit this form as soon as possible PRIOR to traveling to avoid delays with reimbursement.

Additionally, non-employees must contact the Division Head of the appropriate department for information about obtaining the Non-Employee Travel Card (NET).

Additional information can be found at NYS Office of the State Comptroller Travel Information or emailing inquiries to