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Finance and Administration

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Requests

ALL requests for travel and expense reimbursement, beginning with expenses incurred in Fiscal Year 2015 (July 2014), will be handled using a new module in CUNYfirst.

This new module will allow CUNY employees to create expense reimbursement requests (Expense Reports) using an on-line, self-service application.  This will replace all current expense and approval procedures.  Current CUNY, State and City regulations regarding travel and expenses continue in effect, (see also NYS Office of the State Comptroller Travel Manual).  

In launching this self-service function and eliminating paper processes, CUNY's goal is to expedite the process for receiving approvals and for receiving travel and expense reimbursements.

Important Reminder: ALL out-of-town travel by CUNY employees, REQUIRES an approved Travel Authorization in advance of purchasing any tickets and/or making any travel arrangements

How to Establish Access to the CUNYfirst Travel and Expense module

Use the CUNYfirst Travel & Expenses User Access Request form to establish and/or change access to the CUNYfirst Travel and Expense module; where employees can create and submit travel and expense reimbursement requests (Expense Reports).

Supervisors/Department Approvers MUST also submit the CUNYfirst Travel & Expense User Access Request form to  gain access to the CUNYfirst Travel and Expense module, where they can review and approve expense reimbursement requests, submitted by employees. 

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