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Interested in a Career in Business?

A Masters in Business Administration may offer you many different career options--sometimes depending on which graduate school you attend. This article gives you some pointers.  

Why engineers need to become philosophers

Engineers design for people--not machines. As the author of this article points out "our engineers have a task ahead of them that has little to do with becoming more proficient inventors and everything to do with becoming better humans."

 Don't Study Hard!  Study Smart!

Your brain learns in surprising ways!  This brief article offers new strategies for learning!

 Do what you Love?  Or, What you Must?

Is it just self-fulfillment that you must aim for?  Or, should an idea of service to others also guide your choice of career?

 Ditch that Laptop!  Take Notes by Hand

Psychologists conduct an experiment to test memory and comprehension after a class.  Those students who take notes long-hand do better on comprehension than those who use laptops.  

How do Liberal Arts Majors Fare in the Long-Run, Career-Wise?

They may in fact make more than those in the professional fields.  Most studies of how majors prepare students for careers only look at salaries upon graduation.  This study takes a longitudinal view--over the working lifetimes of graduates in different majors.  This report may surprise you.


The STEM-Crisis Myth

Is there really a shortage of science and tech graduates to fill available jobs? Indeed, as this article explains, there may be a surplus. 


More than One Career

Martin L. Gross, a CCNY engineering grad, had more than one career in a long productive life.


Try A Little Kindness

A different take on success


How to Get a Job

This New York Times article by Thomas L. Friedman quotes Harvard Education expert, Tony Wagner, who says that the "world doesn't care any more about your what you  know but 'what you do with what you know.'" 


Will a Robot take your Job?

It has been predicted that sometime in the 2030s robots will outnumber us.  What does that mean for your future?