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Government, Community, and Cultural Affairs

Additional Information

Table Permits

Faculty/Staff, as well as certain non-CCNY organizations and companies, are permitted to set up tables in the NAC Rotunda to distribute information and discuss programs relevant to their department/organization.

All non-student tabling requests must be made through the Office of Events Management. Requests must be made at least 7 days in advance via email to Please provide the time and date you wish to table, the name of your organization, along with the number of tables and chairs needed. Contact information such as phone number and email address should be included also.

Approval of table requests is subject to the availability of tables, providing alternative dates and times for your request will improve your chances of reserving a table. Please allow 24 hours after your request has been made for notice.

Posting Flyers/Posters

The Office of Events Management, OEM, must give advance approval for all event postings on school bulletin boards. Approval is indicated by a date stamp applied to marketing materials to be distributed. Please send prospective flyers and posters to for approval.

Marketing materials must clearly identify the sponsoring group, organization or department along with contact information. Also, time, date, and location must be conspicuously placed.
Approved materials will be emailed in .pdf format with the OEM approval stamp. You are free to print and distribute/post approved flyers and posters.

Bulletin boards assigned to specific organizations or for specific purposes should be respected.

All marketing must be removed by the next business day following the event or 15 days after the authorization date, whichever comes first. Removal is the responsibility of the
sponsoring group, organization, or department. Materials found posted in unauthorized places or areas, or materials not approved by OEM will be removed. Posters or flyers without the required date stamp will also be removed.

OEM reserves the right to deny the posting and/or distribution of flyers or posters if information or materials contradict The City College of New York's missions or goals, are indecent, and/or are unlawful.

No commercial or sales advertising is permitted on campus bulletin boards.