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Government and Community Affairs

"Harlem House" by Ilan Costica via wikicommons
The Office of Government and Community Affairs provides extensive guidance, support and leadership to City College activities relating to the local community, the city and the state. The Office is the primary link between the campus administration and local political officials, community associations, businesses and religious organizations and ensures a comprehensive and clear dialogue between the City College campus and the vibrant community in which it lives.

In parallel actions, the Office also researches, curates and manages a wide range of events reflecting the close ties between CCNY and the Harlem neighborhood and is constantly seeking innovative ways to strengthen the ties of the arts and culture on campus with the rich history surrounding us.  As such, the functions of Events Management, Arts & Culture, and Community Youth Programs are managed by the Office of Government and Community Affairs.  The City College Center for the Arts, a beacon of cultural activities for both campus and community groups, is also under the jurisdiction of this Office.