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Program Overview


To fulfill the requirements for the MA degree in history, students must accumulate a total of 30 credits (10 classes).
All students must take Hist B0000: Historical Methods and Historiography [3 credits].  Of the remaining eight or nine elective courses (depending upon which track they pursue below), students are encouraged to take four (12 cr.) in a chosen area of concentration: e.g. the United States, Global History, etc.


  • Beyond HIST B0000, students must accumulate 27 credits (9 electives).
  • Students must write two "Field Papers" of 20pp. each. These papers are normally written as assignments for courses and must be certified either by the course instructors or by another expert in the field. For more information about the field papers, see "Field Paper Guidelines."
  • The non-thesis option does not require any form of further examination.



  • For information about admission to the thesis track, click here.
  • Beyond HIST B0000, students must accumulate 24 credits (8 electives)
  • Students must complete an approved thesis prospectus in consultation with their adviser.
  • Students must take Hist B9900: Thesis Research (3 cr.) To register, click here.
  • Students pursuing the thesis option who have selected an area of concentration outside United States history are strongly encouraged to demonstrate a reading-knowledge of a foreign language.