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Summer 2014 History Courses

Undergraduate Courses

20600 Modern Europe

An overview of social, economic, political, and intellectual developments in Europe from the Enlightenment to the present, and an introduction to the study of history. Topics include the problems of revolution, industrialization and the transformation of rural societies, the emergence of liberalism and the challenges it has faced in the 20th century.

MTWH 11:30am-2:05pm     June 2-26                                Barbara Syrrakos   

MTWH 6:00-9:35pm           June 30-July 24                      James Lewis

21005 Civil War and Memory

MTWH 11:30--2:05pm         June 2-26                               Adrienne Petty

30102 Medieval Europe

MTWH 2:30-5:05 p.m.          June 30-July 24                     James Lepree

Graduate Courses

B0009 Collapse of Communism

Closed to all Undergraduates Except 35F

MTWH 6:00-9:35pm       June 2-26                                     Anton Masterovoy    NA5/142 

B0014 20th Century Intellectual History

MTWH 6:00-9:35pm       June 30-July 24                           James Lewis   NA5/142