City College will close today, January 26, 2015, at 3 p.m. due to inclement weather. Only essential personnel are expected to report to or remain at work for regular business hours. The college is closed Tuesday, January 27, 2015. Only essential personnel report to work.

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Human Resources

Staff Directory

Human Resources
General Information
Tel: (212) 650-7226
Fax: 212 650-7504

John Siderakis
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
(212) 650-7505

Yahaira Colón
Assistant to the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources
(212) 650-8438

Sara Oommen
Acting Director of Human Resources
(212) 650-7301

Denise Dyce
Director of Labor Relations
(212) 650-7239

Cornel Clarke
Associate Director of Labor Relations
(212) 650-7548

Kim Ferguson
Benefits Officer/Certified Notary Public
(212) 650-7963

Christine Weithers
Benefits Coordinator/ HR Assistant
(212) 650-7512

Klade M. Wilson
NYC TRS/NYCERS Buy Backs and Employment Verifications
(212) 650-6347

Amrita Lal
HR Assistant
(212) 650-7513
Gabriel Lopez
HR Generalist for Non-Teaching Instructional Staff
(212) 650-7668

Giovanni Sanchez
HR Assistant
(212) 650-7739

Richard Savage
HR Generalist for Faculty
(212) 650-5787

Tamara Smalling
Labor Relations Analyst for Executive Compensation Plan (ECP)