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International Relations Program

Master Thesis

All students in the program must write a 75-page masters thesis on a topic of your choice in consultation with your faculty mentor. The thesis process involves the following:


As part of your core course requirements, all students will take a class on research methods (B 6800). This course will help prepare you to develop your topic, conduct the proper research, analyze the results, and write the final manuscript. In addition, it should help you to prepare your thesis proposal. As stated above, you should take this course during the semester immediately preceding your thesis writing.


Students must choose a faculty mentor with whom they will work during the thesis process. Mentors are assigned through the Methods Course. You choose your mentor by registering for the section of Thesis Writing (B9900) offered by this faculty member. You will also need to choose another faculty member to act as a second reader, although you do not need to do so prior to beginning your work. Both your mentor and the second reader must approve your final manuscript prior to it being accepted.


The final manuscript should include (in this order):

    A cover page that includes the following: (1) the title, (2) your name, (3) the month and year of graduation, (4) the name of your thesis advisor, and (5) the phrase, "Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of International Affairs at the City College of New York"
    Table of contents
    250-350 word abstract
    Text of thesis

In addition:

    The thesis should be double-spaced and divided into chapters.  Each new chapter should begin on a separate page.  Chapter headings should be centered and the type bold and underlined.
    Subheads should be aligned left and underlined.
    Do not use any other headings in your manuscript.
    Page numbers should appear on the bottom center of every page.
    The left margin of ever page should be 1½ inches; the other margins should be 1 inch.
    Use footnotes rather than endnotes as your citation style.
    Include a conclusion at the end of your manuscript.