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Information Technology


User Accounts@CCNY

    CCNY E-Mail (Pelican for faculty/staff)   
    LIVE@CCNY (Citymail for students)  


If you are registered and taking classes, a LIVE@CCNY (Citymail)account has already been assigned to you.
Citymail for Students in also has a help section.

Important Information for All CCNY Students

    For new students: you will automatically be issued a LIVE@CCNY a Citymail account upon registering for classes.
    ALL official College announcements: Broadcasts are sent only to your Citymail accounts.
    For returning, registered students: you will be issued a LIVE@CCNY (Citymail) account.
    ALL students: Lookup your user account and/or change passwords for Citymail ( using:
    User Account Lookup Form
    CCNY E-mail Password Guidelines

Find all information for Citymail here: user login and FAQs for LIVE@CCNY

Faculty & Staff

To request an email account, please have your department secretary or chair send a request to The information needed to create an account is (if applicable):

    First Name
    Last Name
    Job Title
    Bldg./Room No.

You may also contact the Service Desk for help with faculty/staff accounts in NAC, Room NA 1/301 to have an account made for you. Make sure to bring your staff ID.

E-Mail Support

If you need additional assistance or have e-mail trouble, please contact:
    IT Service Desk:
    t: 212.650.7878
    l: NAC, Room NA 1/301

Faculty/Staff: Can't Remember Your Password or User ID?

Lookup Accounts for Faculty/Staff

If you already have had an account created for you lookup your user account and/or change passwords for Pelican ( using the User Account Lookup Form:

    User Account Lookup Form     (add the security exception when/if prompted)
    CCNY E-mail Password Guidelines

The CCNY Faculty/Staff e-mail web interface ("Pelican") has an online help section which should be your first stop finding answers about setting up your personal e-mail preferences. [Note: The calendar element on the web-interface is currently not available - i.e. does not have full functionality].