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Information Technology


User Accounts@CCNY

    CCNY E-Mail (Pelican for faculty/staff)
    WEBMAIL@CCNY (Webmail for faculty/staff
    LIVE@CCNY (Citymail for students)

>> Please note that not everyone has been migrated from Pelican to the new Webmail service. Please continue to use your Pelican email client until you are migrated to Webmail.


If you are registered and taking classes, a LIVE@CCNY (Citymail)account has already been assigned to you.
Citymail for Students in also has a help section.

Important Information for All CCNY Students

    For new students: you will automatically be issued a LIVE@CCNY a Citymail account upon registering for classes.
    ALL official College announcements: Broadcasts are sent only to your Citymail accounts.
    For returning, registered students: you will be issued a LIVE@CCNY (Citymail) account.
    ALL students: Lookup your user account and/or change passwords for Citymail ( using:
    User Account Lookup Form
    CCNY E-mail Password Guidelines

Find all information for Citymail here: user login and FAQs for LIVE@CCNY

Faculty & Staff

To request an email account, please have your department secretary or chair send a request to The information needed to create an account is (if applicable):

    First Name
    Last Name
    Job Title
    Bldg./Room No.

Find information for the NEW! WEBMAIL@CCNY service.
You may also contact the Service Desk for help with faculty/staff accounts in NAC, Room NA 1/301 to have an account made for you. Make sure to bring your staff ID.



E-Mail Support

If you need additional assistance or have e-mail trouble, please contact:
    IT Service Desk:
    t: 212.650.7878
    l: NAC, Room NA 1/301

Faculty/Staff: Can't Remember Your Password or User ID?

Lookup Accounts for Faculty/Staff

If you already have had an account created for you lookup your user account and/or change passwords for Pelican ( using the User Account Lookup Form:

    User Account Lookup Form     (add the security exception when/if prompted)
    CCNY E-mail Password Guidelines

The CCNY Faculty/Staff e-mail web interface ("Pelican") has an online help section which should be your first stop finding answers about setting up your personal e-mail preferences. [Note: The calendar element on the web-interface is currently not available - i.e. does not have full functionality].